Invalid VIN in Mangoose JLR V134 on Jaguar 2001 S-Type (solved by V130)

Yes, just got my Mangoose today! It’s a run of the mill Chinese clone, just for $22.99 USD from
Anyway, got it all hooked up and got V134 of the software on and running and some nice flashy lights happening to indicate it’s communicating with the car, but bad news:

INVALID VIN is all I get. Even if I enter the VIN by hand, it still insists my car can’t possibly exist!

I think the V134 software might be too new to support my 2001 S-Type and I should be aiming to get the V130 software, which might know about my car.

Having researched for a long time, with a little luck, I happen across a torrent for 130 that works by the following instructions from forums:
IDS user manual
IDS SDD JLR user manual
IDS trouble shooting guide
Jaguar IDS SDD training manual
(available here
Jaguar wds manual here Jaguar wds.

With the help of the documentation above, I now have a laptop, Mangoose and SDD V130 (with IDS) all working lovely. I used an old Lenovo R60 I had hanging around, 1.66Ghz centreno with 2Gig of RAM and a 60Gig HD.

This afternoon I cleared all my codes (a few under-voltage codes from changing the battery I think) and also programmed two new remote key-fobs into the car. All worked perfectly, first time. And I also performed the calibration on the driver’s power seat without issue.

NOTE: When you use the older software, if SDD doesn’t recognise your VIN, it opens up IDS in compatibility mode automatically, which should let you tinker with any Jag from 1997 on I think. Worked fine with my 2001 S-Type. This is what held me back when I had the 133 version of the software, it simply shouted ‘VIN Not Recognised’ and was useless.

The install process takes a long time, please wait for it with patience.

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