JLR mangoose SDD pro tested on pre-2005 Jaguar

The JLR mangoose cable lost me 45 bucks and took a couple of days to arrive. There was no printed instruction/manual book in the package; the only document is the Youtube video on the webpage:

The software is called SDD (Symptom Driven Diagnostics), I loaded V135 on both Win XP Dell D630 laptop and Windows 7 Lenovo, worked. The software files are huge at more than 9 GB and took more than 5 hours to completely install. Well, it finally well installed.

The seller (the webpage) says the JLR SDD mangoose works only with Jaguar and Land Rover models from 2005 and up, but I have tested on some pre-2005 Jaguar models.

I saw a post asking differences between the basic Mangoose and the Pro version JLR SDD, I do not know if there is actually any difference, because the software package came with drivers for the Pro version only.

I hooked it up on my car, 2004 XJ8 and poked around a bit. The SDD allows to automatically read the VIN. It came up with the list of options that my car had on it from the factory which options were fitted and which were not. I was able to type in a symptom or two and it ran checks for DTCs. It offered repair suggestions as well.

Following are some model tested with mangoose SDD and it is proved by pre-2005 Jaguar owners:
2000 s type
2004 S type Saloon
2001 x type
2003 XJR
2004 XJR

I am not sure if it works the same with the current V142 or newer SDD version, as far as I know, pre-2005 Jaguar or Land Rover is too old for the newer SDD as some people will report “System Error” occurred.

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