Kess V2 KSuite Error: External exception EEFFACE, what to do?

Optional and full solutions for Kess v2 kusuite connection error :”External exception EEFFACE”.

kess v2-external exception eeface01

possible reasons:

1. do you use win 7 or vista system?
pls try on Windows XP system:

2. something wrong with the Ksuite you used now
download ksuite 2.06 from here
Ksuite 2.15

3. incorrect installation for KESS V2 software
installation video

4. bad usb cable
connect the Kess v2 interface with another new high quality USB cable.

5. red diode not light …reflashed with ulink, not with jlink …
disconnected the usb,
then started the program,
then connected the usb,
red light was on,
then i closed the program, and open again …
EEFFACE was gone.
This is the situation when you didnt fucked it up with internet … after fresh rewrite of the bin, when the led don’t go on!

6. to get high-quality KESS V2 V2.15 OBD2 Tuning Kit Without Token Limitation No Checksum Error on