Mini VCI for TOYOTA TIS Techstream V10.10.018 Personal Experience

I’ve got the Mini VCI cable for TOYOTA TIS Techstream V10.10.018 for half a month, and  now, I would like to do a quick review for wobd2.

Here, first of all,I have to mention that I have no affiliation with the supplier of this product, and I would not benefit from this review also. It is just my personal experience.

I ordered from, payment made thru paypal, for $26.99 USD the order included 1x 6ft Mini VCI cable, 1 mini-disc (preloaded with MVCI firmware and Techstream 10.10.018, the newest software). Free shipping 😀

I ordered it on 15th Jul. and it arrived at my door on 21th Jul. While I got my package in great shape my biggest complaint is the complete lack of shipment tracking… no way to see where package is located or when it will be at my door.

Mini VCI Cable I got:
mini vci cable
mini vci cable-detail
System Req’s and Use:
A PC that runs in Windows XP mode and USB in order to use Techstream, otherwise software will not work. Once loaded I had access to check OBDII and make programming changes.

Install mini vci cable & Teachstream:
Loading applications was easy and instructions are provided on disc. Once I loaded firmware/software from disc, I plugged cable into OBDII port (below coin tray, above emergency brake as pic’d) and was up and running.
mini vci cable-install
Here is the link to help install TOYOTA TIS Techstream I found on FB:
ps. close anti-virus software in your WIN XP to install Techstream successfully.
You can Google Techstream for more info. about it.

Example of Techstream 10.10.018 use:
TOYOTA TIS Techstream-1
TOYOTA TIS Techstream-2
TOYOTA TIS Techstream-3
Ps. The PCB board supplied by the seller:
A nice purchase I think. Cost-effective!

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