Multi-functional OBDSTAR VAG PRO Menu display (with couples of pics)

OBDSTAR VAG-PRO is designed to cover VAG vehicles (VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat), it allows to perform multi-functions including Mileage adjustment, Read Security code, Maintenance Reset, EPB(Electronic Park Brake), TPS(Throttle Position Matching), Program Keys (including add a spare key or program new key if all key lost, but only cover the VAG vehicles with 3.5 or  lower generation Immobiliser, for 3.5 generation Immobiliser enter password firstly then wait 10-20 minutes to operate), Program Remote, Replace Storage Battery, Repair Airbags, Steering Angle Learning.

Seeing is believing!  Here are couples of pics:


Prepare to enter “Setting”.

obdstar vag pro function menu-01


Enter “Languge”

 obdstar vag pro function menu-02

English available at present, multiple language will be available in the following days.

 obdstar vag pro function menu-03

Come to function menu, here you can see Battery match, EPB(PBM), Immobiliser, Mileage adjustment, Auto reset, manual reset, Diagnostic function, read security code, program keys, program remote, dashboard, engine.

 obdstar vag pro function menu-04

 obdstar vag pro auto reset-05obdstar vag pro diagnostic function-06obdstar vag pro dashboard-07obdstar vag pro dashboard-08



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