Multilanguage Fly100 II G2 full version – diagnosis and key program test ok

fly100 ii

Multilanguage Fly100 II G2 full version is tested working fine on almost all old and new Honda vehicles when used to diagnose, program key & smart key without password, synchronize module without password and write odometer via OBD. Compared with Fly100, it is designed with a different outlook and internal PC board.

Fly100 II G2 new looks and packed adapters:

fly100 ii

FLY 100 Generation 2 vehicle communication modules, OBD-16 Cable, Honda-3PIN, USB 2.0 Cable and One Box.


To take apart Fly100 II G2 module and you can see its PC board as bellow, the chip is better quality and welded solid.

fly100 g2 pcb-01

fly100 g2 pcb-02

FLY 100 Generation 2 latest software versions:

HDS HIM Version:V3.016, FLY Honda Software Version:V2.00


What FLY 100 G2 can do specifically?

  1. DTC reading and clearing (allows the user to read both permanent and temporary DTCs. faults can be cleared once found by Fly 100 G2.)
  2. Snapshot function (capture data relative to a trigger event)
  3. Vehicle data display (value, line graph, or bar graph formats)
  4. DLC locator diagrams
  5. Data list display (real-time display of ECU parameters)
  6. System Functional Tests (allows for more detailed testing of specific parts of the vehicle systems, “where the ECU” support these tests (e.g. Window movement, Lighting, Vehicle Gauges and engine components))
  7. Onboard tutorial
  8. Immobilizer
  9. Odometer Rewrite


To specific, FLY 100 Generation 2 includes all the functions of original GNA 600 + Honda HDS on All Honda vehicles to perform scantool diagnostics, module synchronization, Immobi and smart key as well as write odometer on Honda vehicles via 16pin on Honda with Body Electrical.


FLY 100 2 can go through these electronic control systems:

Engine, immobilizer, No key enter system, support serial and USB, Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) airbag (SRS), Electronic air throttle , Electronic booster system, Body, Four-wheel turning, ATTS, IMA, VTM-4, TPMS.


Read if FLY 100 2 available Languages meet your needs:

Spanish, Slovenian, English, Greek, German, Danish, Czech, Chinese (Taiwan), Chinese (China), American English, Vietnamese, Turkish, Thai, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Norwegian, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, Hungarian, French, French (Canadian), Finnish and Spanish (Mexico)