NCS Expert VO problems, what to do?

I’m working with INPA and NCS for some months. BMW INPA and NCS Expert work fine. Had no problems so far to code or read errors.

Now that I want to add an automatic trunk lid to my e38 in the vo, problems start. I tried several updates, versions etc. but still nothing is shown in the “baureihe” when i want to change the vo.

I tried EDIABAS 7.3.0 , NCS 3.0.8 , 3.1.0 and 4.0.1 with e38 v50.2 daten. Allways the same effect, nothing.

When I try to add it manual (baureihe e38 , +316) an error is reported.

FA Error

Your car uses the zcs system for adding options to VO.06 Vehicle Coding Information (2013_05_08 01_46_21 UTC

Use BMW decoder to show the available options for your model, then enter your SA number, hit decode and the program will check the options currently fitted. Add or delete items by checking or unchecking them, then hit encode to recalculate the appropriate SA number. Use NCS expert to write the new SA number to the car.

Finally solved, was working with no problem.

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