[New Update] CVD-6/CVD-9 update information

CVD-6/CVD-9 update information:

CVD-6: http://www.worldobd2.com/wholesale/xtuner-cvd-6-on-android-commercial-vehicle-diagnostic-adapter-xtuner-cvd-heavy-duty-scanner.html

CVD-9: http://www.worldobd2.com/wholesale/xtuner-cvd9-heavy-duty-adapter-bluetooth-on-android.html

DISPLAY UI upgrade to V4.6
1. Optimize UI display
2. Add retrive password function
3. Improve diagnostic capabilities and communication layer stability
4. New model software update reminder.
5. Optimization of diagnostic data flow interface interaction.
6. New freeze data stream refresh function.
7. Add history reminder for diagnostic menu click.
8. Optimize APP installation package size.
9. Add datastream meter display
10. fix some bugs.

CVDOBD Upgrade to V13.4
1. Improve the J1708 systems for VOLVO trucks.

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