New V3.0 SuperOBD SKP900 released in

SuperOBD SKP900 key programmer has newly upgraded to newest V3.0 in December, 20, 2014.

V3.0 SKP900 key programmer enjoys following features:

  1. VW Touareg key program 2004-2010
  2. VW Phaeton key program 2004-2013
  3. BENTLEY key program 2004-2012
  4. AUDI A8L key program 2004-2009
  5. Mazda CX-9 Smart key program
  6. 46/4D/48 Adapter Plus Fix BUG


How to update locksmith SKP900 key programmer:

Download Update tool and update file:

1) Browse to the SKP900 official website Register and login and wait for confirmation.
2) Download “SKP900-V3.0 Generic Version” and unzip it to get update bin file.
3) Download Update tool

Step-by-step update instruction:
4) Connect SKP900 key programmer with computer/pc
5) Run the update tool. Click OPEN to open the update bin file
6) Click Auto Scan Port button to setup the COM port
7) Click UPDATE button to start update.

SKP900 key programmer needs at least one original key when programming car keys. But with 46 / 4D / 48 Adapter Plus, SKP900 is able to program keys when all keys are lost.

For detail information, please check:
How to use 46 / 4D / 48 Adapter Plus for SKP-900 key programmer

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