Newest MPPS V18 Clone Review+ Feedback (Feb 2017 Tested)

This blog is about newest tested MPPS V18 review and feedback. Check below to know which ECU models MPPS V18 clone read write successfully!



MPPS V18 EU It works perfectly with PCR 2.1

Someone said VW PCR 2.1 doesn’t work.

But mine does no problem, first one l tested, also read and write on bench too. l dont use resistors


Renault SID305 BOOT sak1766 read – write Ok. Checksum need winols.


Eeprom R/W and Flash R/W on VW Golf EDC15P worked perfectly with MPPS V18. Via OBD while the ECU was installed in the car


Kangoo EDC17C42 bootmode TriCore R/W = OK


MPPS boot ST10 tab generic it works.


Alfa Romeo EDC16C39-5.5 CAN, ok perfect! Reading in less than 2 minutes
Corsa D 1.3 CDTI, EDC17C18, 70.0kw 2010, Z13DTE R/W boot mode Tricore = OK


GOLF V 1.6 FSI, MED9.5.10, OBD/CAN R/W (30 minutes) = OK


Tried on edc15, 16, 17 and opel denso everything works


Today I did Insignia 17cp19 TC1792 in boot mode.
Mpps processor recognized as the TC1766.
Read OK I compared with Galetto.


Fiat Doblo 1.3 mjet mjd6f3 obd – r/w ok
Range Rover edc17cp11 boot – r/w ok


Lacetti (2008y) 2.0 CDRi EDC16C39 R/W CAN (only map 2Mb) as Captiva = OK


BMW e91 330xd edc16c35 R-W OK


Astra vxr me7.6.2 R/W OK (But try this ecu on your own risk!)


Mazda 6 2.0 MZR-CD 110hp Denso RF8G- OBD R/W – OK


Opel vectra C, PSG16 can, direct conexión to pump,read-write-cks, all Ok.
Simos Pcr2.1, obd read-write-cks ok


Polo SIMOS 3PE 1.2 12v read/write as generic simens SIM4LE boot mode flash 512kB – OK (catalyst off)


Ford edc16c34 2.20 r/w ok

Mazda 3 1.6 TD 2009, edc16c34 read write via OBD fine


Two advantages make me prefer MPPS V18 than KTAG/KESS

  1. psg16
  2. No token, write some ECU EDC16 OPEL full by OBD


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