OBDMATE OBDII OM123 feedback what works and fails on what models

OBDMATE OBDII OM123 is a Good Reader… for the money, it is compact unit with instruction book included, simple for novice users to allow Do CAN, reads generic & specific codes, reset codes and reset check engine light on, gives status of readiness monitors, especially with 2 line backlit display thats easy read. Once you get the code you can look it up online and decide if you can fix it or take it in for repair. OBDMATE OM123 is ideal handheld scanner for average home mechanic, which surely has saved a visit to the auto mechanic shop and saved me $.


Following parts are OBDMATE OBDII OM123 feedback what works & fail on what models:

Worked amazing on my jaguar x type 2003

Worked great on 2009 BMW X5

2012 Ram 1500 OK, when I plugged it in, was nice that I did not have to even select my vehicle year and model before scanning.

2001 Toyota Tundra 4.7 truck and this worked like a charm.

Infiniti G35:  hook it up and it gave me the code P0335 which is the crank shaft sensor. Very nice product!

p0335 code

Subaru Forester 2005 – works perfectly & easily!


99 Honda Civic work ok- It can read and erase the check engine light and monitor live data.



2006 Nissan Sentra – Simple operation, just turn the key so the dash lights are on and it will read the error codes and let you delete them.
I was getting an “incorrect temp” error and I replaced a thermostat that cost 12 dollars and took all of 30 minutes.


Gen 3 4Runner ok


2004 Ford Focus- Simply plugged it, turned the ignition switch and it gave me the codes that I needed. It also allowed me to easily clear the codes and turn off the check engine light.


Woks on Nissan 2002 Xtrail NT30 Japanese made (Not for US market).


Experience with “P0037” code:

Tried couple OBD scanners and this one is my favorite. It’s compact, responses fast and the screen is easy to read. The Live Data gives you the real time readings from various sensors, including the voltages of Oxygen sensors. I use this OBD scanner every time when I need to diagnosis something on my cars, and it has been successfully identified the issues.

(Picture) One day I got a CEL when I started up my car. The scanner gave me a “P0037” code, which indicated the code was from the downstream oxygen sensor. Checked the live data to confirm the sensor was not working properly. So I ordered a new oxygen sensor and replaced it. It took me only 10 minutes with proper tools. Now the CEL is gone and I am very happy with the result.

om123 p0037

I have an Odyssey with the dreaded check engine light P0420 code:

I have an Odyssey with the dreaded check engine light, P0420 code. This scanner worked on the first try and is allowing me to try the workarounds found on the internet to get the light to go off. I will say that if you don’t follow the exact sequence in the manual for connecting and starting the scan you will see the Link Error message. Just follow the instructions and it should work. Can’t beat the price (vs. $150 for Goodyear and the dealer to read it) and it beats going to autozone every time I want to check it the codes and see if the sensors are ready.


Use it on a Suzuki forenza 2004 and on a Honda Pilot 2006 work perfectly:

I use it on a suzuki forenza 2004 and on a Honda Pilot 2006 and it work perfectly. The translation in Spanish of the code description are not 100% accurate but you can research on Internet and you will find out what the problem is


Able to read one of the codes on my 528i

Between the code reader and the spark plug I have less than $45.00 invested which is well less than half of what a shop diagnosis charge would have been. Plus I was able to read one of the codes on my 528i-


Saves me so much time and well worth the price

Have an old vehicle 2005 and have been having problems recently, have to drive to Auto Zone to have “them” test my car, this would be a pain, considering my engine light came on maybe 3 or 4 times a year. All you do is plug this in and it will tell you what the code is that needs to be fixed…and you can even clear/delete the check engine light from showing on your car. I love this product and just saves me so much time and well worth the price


Fail on:

Cannot detect a single diagnostics code nor clear the alarms. (2012 Toyota Avalon Limited)


2002 Subaru Legacy

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