OEM Orange5 Programming Device Reviews

OEM Orange5

OEM china meaning clone device. Also listing show cannot update.
If you have no any experience with orange 5 , the original with adapter around thousand dollors.

Confirmed that oem orange 5 comes with immo hpx 9.0 and adapter set, I bought it and tested to review it, I list what I test and give a good and bad review as follows:
Right got this in today
very easy to install
all functions open 1 – 10 exept car radio get error
tested reading usual eproms all good
tested tms370 with adaptor board did not read so maybe bad adaptor board
tested immo login code from dump ,tms vw works
The adaptor solder ok
i run over it with iron
be summit else
no big deal
dont see many now
Read 1d69j adapter success (at the beginning I tried to read 1d69J with adaptor failed, well after resolder joints on hc05 adaptor get a perfect read 169dj).
BTY, Choose between clone or original?
Following parts are quoted, please be informed.
I was advised to buy original, they say it is not expensive for that money,and work everything from a list, have it over 3 years never problem…
My point of view is:
I’m electronican more than 20 years and i know what work or not with original and clone devices.

My budget is not unlimited, so like most peoples, we can’t buy all original we need each time.

No one can use 100% each device he has. When we do this job, we need several device for 1 job.

So, if the clone can make one step that my others cannot do, i’m happy with that.

Importance is at the end, i make my job in time and earn my job money.

That is my expirience and my choice too.
and in that 3 years how much immo software has been added? They were the first main locksmith tool to write pcf7941 and still only 1 key supported.. just look at the ££
£££ MK3 must have made already.

I couldn’t justify the cost of the original but will probably get a clone… maybe if the clone gets some use then might consider getting the original.


OEM Orange5


Original Orange5


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