Quickly 4C/4D/46/48 Code Reader FAQ

Quickly 4C 4D 46 48 clone machine basic information:
1)Quickly 4C 4D 46 48 clone machine, as the name suggest, it can copy 4C,4D,46 Chips.
2)Can recognize locked ID48 and can unlock ID48.
3)To copy 4C and 4D chips , it need separate 4D / 46 decoder
4)Quickly can read Toyota H key and also battery operated

Q: If those with a clone cn900 paid the extra ~200 USD more they would have no need for this, although the battery option is better (although not hard to add a battery for the cn900+cloner boes)
Guess the saying is sometimes true.. buy cheap buy twice!
A: Yes, CN900 is $549, Quickly clone machine is $249, $300 less than CN900.

Q: did you test the unit with cn1, cn2, cn3, chips is it stable?
A: I am sure cn1 and 2 will be stable, going to test cn3
CN1 Chip copy 4C:
CN2 chip copy 4D:

Q: so apart from being battery powered and cheaper anything else to buy over the CN900 ?
A: all functions are same as cn900 and i feel that it is of better built quality

Q: can you confirm if it clones 46 / 4D without decoder?
A: need 46/ 4D decoder, fit also to the new cloner
46 decoder: http://www.worldobd2.com/wholesale/cn900-46-cloner-box-3105.html
4D decoder: http://www.worldobd2.com/wholesale/cn900-4d-decoder.html

Q: what sort of decoder is it? Can it use decoder from TRS5000?
A: I think all 46 decoder are same, i am using cn900 46 decoder
Q: Did this come in a case which looks like the keydiy case to store it in?
A: Yes, big case for everything including batteries and charger.
box-01quickly car key reader book-02quickly car key reader instruction-03quickly car key reader instruction-04
Q: I do not see a dc plug for wall plug power. Battery power and USB power
A: usb to dc is included

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