Quickly Cloner (same function as CN900) only US$229

Quickly cloner, the newly released car key clone machine, designed especially to copy 4C,4D, 46 Chips and recognize locked ID48 and can unlock ID48.

One of our customers from UK, a senior locksmith, he ordered one Quickly clone machine for $229 + shipping:

And he posts his reviews and confirm some functions and features. I make a conclusion as follows.
1.I receive is a big case for everything including batteries and charger, and usb to dc is included, so battery operated.

2.I confirm all functions are same as cn900 and I feel that it is of better built quality.
3.About update: I am told Quickly cloner is not available with online update, when the factory release newest software, it is able to update.
4.Quickly clone machine can read Toyota H key.
5.To copy 46 and 4D chips , it need separate 46/ 4D decoder, fit also to the new cloner
I link here 46/ 4D decoder
46 decoder: http://www.worldobd2.com/wholesale/cn900-46-cloner-box-3105.html
4D decoder: http://www.worldobd2.com/wholesale/cn900-4d-decoder.html

6.Confirm it can work 100% well with cn1 and C2, yet to test with CN3.
I link here CN1 and CN2:
CN2 chip copy 4D:

Plus, Quickly cloner will soon be able to unlock new CN2, once our engineer test ok, we will notify.


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