(Quoted) ducato – relay -boxer zedbull problem solved

This might save someone some time, had a ducato today and has one zedbull from China, desoldered and read the 93lc56b in the code unit, took a look in the hex editor looked fine could see one key, number of key was correct and pin code was correct.

However zed bull was
a) Seeing it at a Yaris file
b) Calculating PIN Code as 00000
c) Not generating correct transponders

Thought I’d have to write a new dump and virginise the ecu. Then I had a look at a few other ducato dumps and decided the only major difference was that there was only one key so I manually added another key in the dump and hey presto zed bull recognises it and generated three working keys.

No idea what they’re doing with their algorithm that prevents it from getting the pin as the offset is the same.

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