Report reviews on Launch X431 5C full set version

This Monday morning, I received Launch X431 5C full set version delivered from China, 5 working days’ DHL delivery.
I bought 5C since I have Launch X431 V PRO for one year, last month I receive email from Apple who is my supplier, she’s working for, she claimed her engineer verified 5C has the same function as X431 V, and cover same vehicle models as X431 V. However, X431 5C is much cheaper, $649+ shipping for full set version, $679 + shipping for basic version which contains only one 16 pin cable.
Therefore, 5C is targeting the X431 V potential buyer with the lower price.

In the following parts, I would report reviews on X431 5C Pro, hope it helps.
1)Main unit outlook:
I paid $649+ shipping for the whole set version, since I need to deal with many vehicles which are not 16pin connector.
Whole set package shown as follows:
Compared with X431 V, x431 5C contains not the following two adapters:
launch-x431-v-tablet-full-systerm-diagnostic-tool-29  launch-x431-v-tablet-full-systerm-diagnostic-tool-26
X431 5C basic version for $679 + shipping packages as follows plus one 16pin adapter.

X-431 5C achieves fault diagnosis through Wifi/ Bluetooth communication between DBSCar connector and intelligent mobile terminal based on Android system.   The following picture for example.

4) language authorization
X431 5C is Multilanguage available, I was required to provide serial number, then get software in English and one more authorized Language I want.
5)Vehicle coverage: Verified X431 5C cover same vehicle models as X431 V, the supplier claim: “for India Maruti, Tata, Mahindra, Brazil GM, Fiat, AU Ford, AU Holden, Malaysia Proton and Perdua, if you need, please provide us your serial number and car models you need to do, we will active it especially for you! And it is FREEE!”

6)Function: the main diagnostic function is verified working as the same as X431 V pro, also include special function as claimed: BMW idle study, BMW Injection rate adjustment, BMW battery replacement, Nissan matching key.
7)    Print diagnostic data possible: Diagnostic data can be printed by paper with mini printer, I bought additional mini printer at:
8)Verified X431 5C able to update at, and claim for 1 year for free of charge.

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