Rover MGF Key Fob Programming by T300 AD100 Key Programmer

T300 is known as a powerful key programmer for its reading, clearing and programming function. Today we will show you how to program MGF key fob with T-300 key programmer.

Connect the cable to the T300 device and the vehicle.
T300 key programmer
T300 key programmer-1
Open up the panel on the left and connect the above adapter to the white connector in the top right hand corner (marked with a yellow square).
T300 key programmer-2
Then you will see the screen light up after successful connection. The screen is just setting the counter; hit the enter button to go to next page.
T300 key programmer-3
Enter the password: 000000.
Tokens remaining. Press the enter button.
Read the warning and press the enter button.
Vehicle selection: ROVER>REMOTES>ROVER MG-F.
Select “Remote Function” to go on.
T300 key programmer-5
Switch the ignition on according to the instruction on the screen. And then press the enter button.
Trying to communicate…
(when you are told “COMMUNICATION FAILED”, press the enter button to try communicate again. Do the vehicle selection again. Switch the ignition on again.)
ECU identification: LUCAS 5AS.
T300 key programmer-6
T300 key programmer-7
Press the enter button to proceed when you are told one token will be used.
Press the remote lock at least 8 times until sounds. then press the enter button to go on.
(NOTE: at this point, program all the remotes you have, not just new ones.)
T300 key programmer-8

Press the enter button to learn the tokens remaining.
Press the enter button to DIAGNOSTIC MENU.
Press the back button.

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