Scania SDP 2.26 vs. XCOM 2.27 (Free Download)

Here, offer the newest Scania truck diagnostic software SDP 2.26 and XCOM 2.27 (old version also provided), and some differences between SDP3 and XCOM software are listed.

Part 1 – Scania software download

Free download Scania Diagnostic Program 3
SDP3 2.26 (free but not tested)
SDP3 2.25 Download rar (free but not tested)!y9dDlCxC!LZwdhjuwExxuWolbtLe6QQugBqzQ9ZzjYlez_wTfZKM
SDP3 2.24 (TESTED)
SDP3 2.23 (TESTED)
SDP3 V2.21 (free but not tested)!60QE0Q7Y!0tOGTMkipBIOdr8vGuVfqMwTYondVJaa0f92Sd1pEsQ
SDP3 2.17 (TESTED)!r4pzzJSY!wBos3UBiDp4ndNll5vqAW984aOcFZjLLY5ibMmln_58


Free download XCOM Developer Software
XCOM 2.27 (free but not tested)
XCOM 2.26 (free but not tested)!jowzgZpQ!UnWsATM-kifPx7y0QQWxIqnaWm4fMz6DBWx5S7sIVJA
XCOM 2.27 & XCOM 2.27 (TESTED)


Part 2 – Scania SDP3 vs. XCOM

– both work with Scania VCI 2 or VCI 3 adapter

– Operating system:
SDP3: windows XP
XCOM: Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7/8

– Language
SDP3: German, English,Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian,Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish,Turkish, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Romanian
XCOM: English only

– Activation
SDP3: Free active first time, and then 10USD one time for activation
XCOM: No Need Activation

– Function
Stored fault codes, proposals for remedial action and delete option.
Control unit configuration and settings.
Information about electrical components and their location.
Input and output signals.
Activation of components.
Spare part programming.
Circuit diagrams. For each circuit there is a diagram which clearly shows how the particular circuit is implemented in the respective vehicle.
Chassis data. The vehicle gives the program a description of itself and how it is configured.
User functions. In order to meet service market requirements to work more effectively, there is an option to troubleshoot via user functions, e.g. cruise control.
Use of the program requires a PC, a USB key and a VCI2. These components must comply with the applicable system requirements, so that the program will operate correctly.

After replacement ecu you may test new one, and code it. If you have changed gearbox to other type, you may adapt it. You may select different rpm/torque ratio, for better performance and much more. XCOM immo operations are available too, like pairing immo, depairing COO7 or S6-7-8. XCOM is capable of some other interesting functions, remove Adblue, clean EGR, change chassis ID/VIN, get mileage, increase truck power, recovery/reset ECU, unlock ECU without pin etc


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