SCANIA VCI2 SDP3 V2.23 step-by-step installation procedure

07-28-2015 update, SDP3 V2.23 software for SCANIA VCI2 is verified working, and available for $19.99 free shipping at:

To get VCI 2 interface together with SDP3 V2.23 software, it is available for $239 + shipping at:
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SDP3 V2.23 step-by-step installation
1. Insert CD into the computer, you will find there are 3 files: .NET Framework4.5.1, 2.23 and AdbeRdr920_en_US
2. Click “.NET Framework4.5.1” to install, it’s simple to complete installation.
net frameword installation complete-02
3. Click “AdbeRdr920_en_US” to install. it’ll not take much time to install.
install adobe reader 9.2-03
4. Copy the compressed file “2.23” and paste it on the desktop, then extract it, you will find folder “replace patch” and application “SDP3
scania2.23 patch video-04
5. Right click application “SDP3” and open it to install SDP3 2.23.0
SDP3 2.23.0 setup-05
6. Click “Next” – “Next”
7. Get message warning ” Make sure the VCI unit and the SDP3 USB key is disconnected from the computer before continuing with this installation”, click “OK” to continue completing the SDP3 2.23.0 setup.
scania2.23 no need usb key-06
complete SDP3 2.23.0 setup-07
8. Back to folder “replace patch”, select all applications and files, then right click and copy them.
copy replace patch files-08
9. Right click the icon “SDP3” on the desktop, then click “Open File Location”
click open file location-09
10. Paste all the files you are copying, then replace the file in the destination folder. Note: tick off “Do this for the next 3 conflicts”, then select “Copy and Replace”. After finish, close windows.
copy and replace-10
11.  Right click “Computer”, select “Computer Management” – “Device Manager” – “prrr-PC” , you will find “Scania VCI2”, it means SDP3 2.23.0 setup successfully.
SDP3 2.23.0 setup successfully-11
12. Right click “SDP3” at the desktop and open it. Then get warning about SDP3 user instruction, click “Yes”.
SDP3 user instruction warning-12

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