Security Light Problem, PK3 Key Learn (Solved by GM TECH 2)


I had recently lost original key but still have the original key fob and that works fine. So I ordered PK3 key for my SUV from a GM dealership using my VIN #… they cut it for me but no go on the vehicle. i have tried the pk3 key relearn procedure but the security light would not stop blinking in the dash along with the battery light stays on for 3 secs then then back to security blink(3x)…

And I tried the 10 minute reprogram procedure and then the 30 min relearn process.

Suggestion from technicians:
It could be a BCM problem or the ignition switch housing is bad. Without the aid of a tech II and the proper service info security problems are hard to properly diagnose.

-Solution 1

Device to use:
Tech 2; (clone tech2 is okay)
a DC jumper box;

If this all started, because the only key was lost, and and there was no previous problem, then it has to be a problem with the programming procedure.

without “Master” key— 30 minute for programming.
with a master key— only 5 seconds to program a new key.

you should have a DC jumper box on the battery, not a battery charger.

Have all accessories off, apply e-brake so auto lights will not come on and put a load on the system.

Just turn key to on(do not turn to crank position)……the SECURITY light will come on solid or blink……after 10 minutes, the light should go out…..

Turn key to off, wait 3 seconds and turn to on again…wait 10 minutes and the light should go out……

Turn key to off, wait 3 seconds and turn to on again…wait 10 minutes and the light should go out……

Turn key to off, wait 3 seconds and now attempt to start vehicle…..

Solution 2:
Device to use:
GM tech 2;
a DC jumper box;

If this does not work, and there were no previous problems, there is a possible key problem. However, in some cases, even with the relearn procedure, you might need a Tech II to clear any security codes.

Without a DC jumper box, over the course of 30 minutes, your battery could drop below 9.6 volts, which could affect programming.

The case that you have PassLock, not PassKey III.Then just go to replace the PassLock sensor and lock cylinder, and also re-code the cylinder with new tumblers, codes cleared, and then the relearn procedure must be done.

Note: ANY GM shop can do the job above, so just call around for the lowest bidder…..actually, in some cases, it’s easier in the column.”

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