SKP-100 Key Programmer Remote Key Programming Instructions

Hand-held SKP-100 Key Programmer will be doomed to your best choice for remote and smart keys programming (even if all keys are lost) if SKP-900 is highly beyond your limited budget.
SKP100 Key Programmer is designed mainly for Jaguar, Land Rover, Ford/Mazda (not support 8C), Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles (up to 2014) via OBD2 Connector. For detailed supported list, you can check the following link:

Here is an example to demonstrate how to program remote key for Ford Raptor F-150 using SuperOBD SKP-100 key programmer.
Video Guide:

Connect SKP-100 device with the vehicle via OBD2 Connector;
Boot up device and then automatically enter into main interface;
Select car model as “Ford >> Raptor”;
Select “IMMO”;
Insert key and turn IGN on;
Click OK;
Select “ADD KEY”;
Pull out key and then insert new key;
Turn the ING on;
Click OK;
Select number of keys and Click OK;
Wait for loading, needing about 10 minutes;
Program successfully.
Pull out remote key and to check whether it works.