Solutions to AUTEL Brand Products Common Problems

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1. Common problems:

Q:How to register Autel ID on the official website???
A:Please visit the Autel website first: operationType = 1 & m = 1, Then register your Autel ID with your email address

Q:How to register the serial number???
A:Enter the product registration to register the scanner,then Enter the serial number and registration password (both can be found on the tool’s “About” page)
Note:  If the machine can not be turned on, you can send the serial number on the back of the machine to support, support can query the registration code in the system.
For tablet products, MK808, MP808TS, and Maxisys series, you can directly register on the machine. Point registration will automatically guide customers to operate, to ensure that you can connect to the network.
These models do not need to be registered: AL319, AL419, AL439, AL439B, AL539, AL539B, AL519, TS401, MS609.

Q:Why is the registration unsuccessful and how to troubleshoot the unsuccessful registration???
A:When entering the registration code Register password error, many customers enter their login password when registering their ID here. But in fact, the registration code is a six-digit pure number on the machine’s About page.You can send us a screenshot of the registration page, so that we can clearly see the information you entered, and then we tell you what information was entered incorrectly.

Q:The product reads the trouble code, but the problem of not clearing the code???
A:Our product is to help you read the fault code and confirm the fault, but then you need to repair the hardware fault of the car according to the fault code information, and then you can clear the code after repairing, otherwise the fault will always exist and naturally you cannot clear the code.

Q:The problem that the machine can not measure the car???
A:If it is only a certain function of a certain vehicle that does not support or communication fails, it is likely that the software is not supported or the operation steps are problematic.You’d better upload the datalog directly to the server, and the R&D engineer will directly analyze the data to solve it.
Note: The uploaded data must specify the model, year, VIN code, and problem description. To check the bug resolution status, please tell us the machine serial number, model and VIN code of the uploaded datalog.

Q:If all the software on the machine can not be tested???
A:Please check the physical connection directly, especially check whether the test main line or VCI is OK.

Q:If it is a problem that all models of a certain software cannot be tested???
A:Please check the car connector, or you can reinstall the software directly.

Q:The vehicle can’t communicate, how to check whether it says VCI or hardware connection problem???
A:First, connect the maxisys host and VCI through USB (general customers use Bluetooth connection) to see if they can communicate;
Secondly, if you communicate with more vehicles to see the results, you can also test whether the EOBD software can communicate;
Finally, change the test main line and VCI for comparative testing.

Q:For small product startup prompts, please obtain tips such as authorization, or the SD card mismatch problem???
A:This kind of problem is generally the wrong language, or the SD card is wrong (the serial number does not match, such as the SD card of another machine).First, confirm that the language setting is correct,
Secondly, format the SD card with the correct ID (you can find support to query Autel ID) to download the software-formatting or changing the sd card is very effective

Q:For maxisys series system error, how to use Maxisys series flash file flashing problem???
A:If the maxisys machine prompts some system errors, such as maxisys has stopped, etc., support may advise customers to flash the machine.The flashing steps are as follows. Please ask for support for the brush package.
1. Please uncompress/unzip the files first,
2. copy the folder “autel_factory” or “autel_factory_dev” to an empty TF card.
3. Insert the TF card to the left side slot of Maxisys, restart the tool to flash the system.

Q:How to catch logs for system error problems that are not easy to locate???
A:For some strange system errors, the engineer will ask the customer to run Maxitools to capture the system log (similar to the datalog in the car software).
1. Please restart the scanner to re-produce the problem,
2. once the problem occurred, pls go to the home screen,
3. click on MaxiTools button, click on the Start button, wait for it to finish,
4. then click on Upload to send the log to Autel server.
5. You can try this procedure several times to ensure we receive the complete logs.

2. About upgrade operation guide:

AUTEL Brand Products upgrade guide (software download steps are the same as upgrade):

Q:How to upgrade tablet products, such as Maxisys series, DS808, MK808, MP808TS, etc.
A: Maxisys is connected to the network through wifi (the network port can be connected to the network cable)
Go directly to the Maxisys—Update page and select the software to be upgraded,
Click Update and wait for completion.

Q:How to upgrade handheld small products, such as MD802 AL619 MD808 Maxicheckpro, etc?
A:Download the maxi pc suite from the official website and install it on your computer:
Take out the SD card (it is recommended that customers use the SD card upgrade method instead of the USB upgrade method), and insert the card reader into the computer USB port.
Run maxi pc suite, log in, and download the software. Run Maxi PC Suite, login, then you will get software list, pls install all programs you need.
Insert the SD card back into the machine and turn it on. Insert SD card back to the tool and check the result.
Note: If you have any problems with the update, pls kindly send me the S/N and pictures with error message for troubleshooting, thank you!

Q: How to upgrade small products without serial number,such as AL319 AL419 AL519, etc?
A: Download MaxiilinkII from the official website:
The machine is connected to the computer via USB and runs Maxilink II.
Select the model above MaxilinkII, make sure that the upper right corner is green, showing device connected
Official website Products—download to download the upgrade package, unzip it, select the file on maxilinkII to upgrade. Note: There are two parts to upgrade, make sure they are all done.
After the upgrade is complete, unplug the USB.

3. About language change operation guide:

Products with serial numbers, such as AL609, AL619, ML619, MD802, MD808, Maxicheck pro, MK808, MX808, DS808, MS906 series, Maxisys series, etc.:

How to change the language of tablet products:
1. Send the serial number to support to change the language on the server.
2. After the support is changed, notify the customer to go to the Update page to download the software again;
3. After the software is downloaded, the customer can set the machine as the target language.
Note: If there is no software upgrade on the Update page, go to System settings—Reset—Factory reset first, then go to the Update page to download,

How to modify the language of handheld small products, such as MD802 AL619:
1. Send the serial number to support to change the language on the server.
2. After the support is changed, notify the customer to format the SD card,
3. Run Maxi pc suite to re-download all software (download steps are the same as upgrade steps).
Products without serial number, such as AL319, AL419, AL439, AL439B, AL539, AL539B, AL519, etc.

How to modify the language operation guide:
1. Download the official website or find the software package in the corresponding language.
2. Run MaxilinkII to upgrade the software.
3. If garbled characters such as ff00 appear after the upgrade, refer to the steps in the AL519 operation picture compression package, and then just set a language.

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