(SOLVED) GM MDI error: not connected to MDI


Installed the software, connected GM MDI mux to my laptop, but it prompted the error ” not connected to MDI”.

Solution offered by wobd2 technicians:
The technician said: “you need refresh the MDI firmware to solve this error.” and also, he offers me the instruction on how to do the refresh GM MDI.

1. Press this button and connect the power:
gm-mdi-not-connected (1)

2. Keep press this button and connect it to power, the power light will be on, wait about 10 seconds:
gm-mdi-not-connected (2)

3. When all light is on, then you can release the button, and it will enter firmware refresh status:
gm-mdi-not-connected (3)

4. Connect GM MDI with your PC via USB cable, prepare to refresh the firmware:
gm-mdi-not-connected (4)

5. Open “GM MDI Manager”, choose “Recover”:
gm-mdi-not-connected (5)



bmw icom A2:

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