(Solved) Problem with PATS F250 – All key lost

This post starts from a problem with PATS F250 – All key lost, then followed by detailed car issue and tools to use, finally the problem is solved with SBB key programmer.

Problem with PATS F250 – All key lost
The final tool that worked: SBB key programmer

Car information:
The Car year is 1998

The Pats BOX number is: 98AP-19A366-BB

I try use: NGS FORD ROTUNDa – T300 – VCM IDS – SBB – X100 – CK100 show 4 keys I confirm for erase wait 800s and show communication error, and with T300 show OUTCODE INVALID.

Any guy knows how read this?
Its gasoline V6 Engine
ECU Model is: EEC-V
Part Number: XC3F-12A650-CTA

Use TMS Inside the PATS BOX
I can try read with UPA and XPROG and Cant

The MCU details are:
1998 FORD
980 980DRFJW

Following picture one: this is ECU information


Pic two: this is PATS Box


Pic 3: This is TMS Immobox.

TMS Immobox

Finally, problem is solved!!!
The car was Solve, was problem at coil of key in ignition and PCM was broken.
We change PCM and Coil and programmer with SBB key programmer 2 transponder 4C and engine run perfect.


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