(solved) Wellon VP598 Communication Error, ID Programmer Error

wellon vp598

When Wellon VP598 universal programmer is connected with the computer, it will perform an auto system test, and stop all options if any error is found out like communication error, programmer error, or IP programmer trouble. All possible reasons and solutions here for you all!

Program Error

– Reason

A program error may occur if the manufacturer and device of selected chip is wrong. And it may occur by a damaged chip. It may also occur by a wrong device insertion. For PLD, it may occur by a security chip.

– Solution

For some old chip, you can add tPW to program successfully. From the main screen, use the mouse to click on the Setting menu, then click on the Modify Algorithm Parameter sub –menu. And add tPW.

Along with the development of chip techniques, the chip algorithm parameter gets changed which creates problem to program the chip. You should update the software regularly & check for updates.

When the socket is smudgy or is beyond its life cycle? It causes loose contact. The life cycle of the socket is about 10 thousand times, after which please replace the socket with a new one. Select insertion test, it will inform you the status of the same.


Communication error

– Reason 1:

A communication error may occur if a device is locked in the programmer’s ZIF socket when invoking any of the software routines.

– Solution 1:

Make sure the socket is empty when invoking any of routines. Once the menu is on the screen, you can lock the ZIF socket by pulling down the lever.

– Reason 2:

A communication error may also occur if the programmer is not connected with the PC port properly, or if the power switch turns off.

– Solution 2:

If your programmer that had the function of update online lost its program, you can resume it

(Wellon programmer


1 Open the cover.

2 Find JP1(J1) and short circuit it with a jumper or screwdriver. Connect to the PC and wait for the

device to be detected (the LINK LED will light), then remove the short circuit from JP1(J1).

3 Enter the software and wait for it to complete initiation.

4 Choose System Update from the Help menu and wait for it to finish.

5 Take out USB connecting cable, assemble it, reconnect it and enter the software again.


ID Programmer trouble!

– Error message:

“Programmer trouble! ID:…”

– Solution:

Please run c:\weilei\wellon\wellon_reset.exe to reset your programmer. If show “sys update ok!”, then update ok, programmer ID resume.


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