(Solved)VCX-PLUS PIWS2 99010 and 99011 errors


One of the Allscanner VCX-Plus PIWS2 diagnostic system with power-on password Porsche201 users was blocked when applying diagnostic function. He got the 99010 “The diagnostic system could not be initialized” and 99011 “Comm. Module not connected” error message when connect the device with vehicle and computer.
The USB driver was not well installed.

The computer window will pop out “Found New Hardware Wizard” message after connect the VCX-PLUS device to the vehicle. Install the driver before applying it into diagnosis.

If the driver wizard message pops out in background, click ALT+ATB button at the same to come to the “Found New Hardware Wizard” prompt box. Then install the driver.

Step-by-step install VCX-PLUS driver:

Step 1: Connect the VCX-PUS device with computer via USB port. Click “Found New Hardware Wizard” message to install USB driver.

Step 2: Select “No, not this time” and click “Next”.
Step 3 – Select “Automatic (recommended)” and click “OK” and then follow the system prompts to get the hardware installed.

Step 4 – You will get a second “Found New Hardware Wizard” window at this point. Repeat the above steps to get the USB driver installed. An indicator light on AllScanner VCX-Plus scanner will turn on when the driver is installed.