Step-by-Step Instruction for GM Tech 2 Hardware Initial Installation

GM Tech-2 with multi-language and multi-function is a professional and powerful tester used for GM vehicles diagnosis. GM Tech 2 contains for GM software and provides support for on-board diagnostics on all for GM systems 1992 thru 2014.

Here, we wobd2 offer the most detailed instruction for GM Tech 2 hardware initial.

1. Remove the RS-232 loopback adapter (P/N 02001606) from the storage case (P/N 02002971). Plug it into the RS-232 port.
Tech 2 hardware initial installation-1
2. Attach the Tech 2 DLC cable (P/N 02002952) to the VCI connector.
Tech 2 hardware initial installation-2
3. Locate the DLC loopback adapter (P/N 02002953) in the storage case. Attach it to the DLC cable.
Tech 2 hardware initial installation-3
4. Locate the NAO (P/N 02002972) power supply and appropriate power cord in the storage case. Insert the power jack into the Tech 2 DLC cable,
Tech 2 hardware initial installation-4
or into the bottom of the Tech 2 next to DLC cable connector.
Tech 2 hardware initial installation-5
5. Turn on power by pressing the PWR button located on the Tech 2 key pad.
6. Tech 2 hardware is verified automatically by the POST Test.
7. Disconnect the RS-232 loopback adapter, the power supply, and the DLC loopback adapter and return to the Tech 2 storage case.
Tech 2 hardware initial installation-6

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