Step-by-step procedure set up the security access with GM TECH2

Note: detailed procedure with full pictures is at the last paragraph.
Where to buy GM TECH2?
The knock off GM tech2 can cost $340 to $290, usually, the more expensive the better quality.
I bought this one on sale $299:
But you may be interested in more optional one:

Step-by-step procedure:
1. Without Ethernet plugged in, turn on tech2. Go to Year>Model>Diagnostics>All>Get security access.

The unit will blink then land on a page telling you step by step instructions. Don’t turn it off! Hit escape all the way back to the intro screen.

Then, plug in the Ethernet cable (to the serial cable, to your XP machine).

Then run the security access app. Click options and make sure it’s connection type is set to auto.

It should read your vin in that box. If it doesn’t, you’ve got to diagnose the connectivity issues.

2. Don’t mess or waste your time with MDI at all. It’s not compatible with 95% of our cars. I think 2010-2011 is supported but it still needs different hardware (not your tech 2- different device completely)

Instructions with detailed pictures will be more vivid.



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