Super MINI Pro TL866A Universal EEPROM Programmer Review

2015 Super MINI Pro TL866A Universal EEPROM Programmer is available in Here is the review of the MINI Pro TL866A programmer.

Language: English/Chinese
Update: life-time free update online
Operating system: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista & Win7(32/64)

Mini Pro USB TL866A Universal Programmer Features & Functions:
1. Neat robust enclosure; 40pin ZIF socket, fully automatic; Fast mode SPI support;
2. USB interface for both data transfer and power supply;
3. Ideally suits the portable/convenient applications that includes: car automotive field ECU chip tuning, airbag reset, mileage, satellite devices, BIOS refreshing, xBox, Wii gaming machines EPROM duplicate, PIC/MCU development, newer laptop technology and newer desktop PC etc.
4. It has outstanding performance which supports the devices that other similar products are not capable of supporting: such as 25LF SPI series, PSOP44,TSOP48, 25VF SPI series, PLCC84,SST39VF3201, TE28F102, 27C1024, 27C1028,HD6475,29F800, 29LV800.

User feedback:
I’m very happy with this mini pro TL866A eeprom device. I have tried ISP cable – works well with AVRs. Tested read-write with many EPROMs, EEPROMs and flash chips (some old 27C64, 27C256, 27C512 and so on, SST49FL004A, SST39SF020A, AT29C010, P28F001, MX28F2000, SPH29EE010 and others, many 8-pin EEPROMs). I’ve even “tested tester” of RAM chips – checked some old SRAM L2-cache DIPs.

Everything works very well. Driver and software works under Windows 7 x64 and Windows XP SP3 with no difference. Driver installs easily and with no problems, software runs stable, keyboard shortcuts are pretty useful, buttons/windows don’t confuse me at all.
mini-pro-tl866-programmer-2 mini-pro-tl866-programmer-3 mini-pro-tl866-programmer-4 mini-pro-tl866-programmer-5 mini-pro-tl866-programmer-6 mini-pro-tl866-programmer-7 mini-pro-tl866-programmer-8 mini-pro-tl866-programmer-9

The package does not come with adapters. If you need adapters, you need to order Item No SO234 Full set 21 adapters for Super Mini Pro TL866A EEPROM Programmer.

1pc x CPC Extractor
1pc x SOP44
2pcs x TSOP32 / 40/48
1pc x SOP56
1pc x SSOP28
1pc x TSOP20
2pcs x 24C16 / 24C64 / 24C65
1pc x SOP8
1pc x SOP16
1pc x PLCC44
1pc x SOP-28P
1pc x PLCC32
1pc x PLCC28
1pc x PLCC20
1pc x TSOP40B
1pc x SN001-4
1pc x SN001-2
1pc x SN001-3
Few pcs Pin

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