The procedure to do a Mercedes Benz E550 2004 with Digiprog clone 4.94

Digiprog 3 4.94 clone can do Mercedes E550 2004 via OBD but will put ezs to 9999999..



Just choose w211 – tacho diag.

Then choose w211 – DPF (if it is an diesel)

Then choose w211 – fehlerspeicher (to erase errors)


For better understanding- If you use digiprog, you will do the job but in EZS will be 999999 or something like that. For EZS you can use programmer like R270/xprog and then cluster – it’s not hard job and you will have same mileage in cluster and ezs.

if you program ezs manually with r270 then you need to change both and put them back at same time.


”If it is a diesel” means that after recalibration you can have problems with dpf, so you have to regenerate or replace dpf with diagnostic tool


So First I must program EZS and then Cluster by obd? the answer is Do it with engine running.