Top quality ICOM-D Diagnostic Cable with PCB test ok on Motorcycles 2016 year

Top quality ICOM-D Motorcycles Motorbikes Diagnostic Cable working with ICOM A1/A2/A3PRO+ is tested ok on Motorcycles Motorbikes till 2016 year to perform ECU programming, configuration and key systems diagnostic. Built in with PCB, it can works as same well as the original one. Therefore user can use it as a real D model.

Top quality ICOM-D cable available at WORLDOBD2.COM .


Couple of pics

bmw-icom-d-cable-with-pcb-1 bmw-icom-d-cable-with-pcb-3 bmw-icom-d-cable-with-pcb-4 bmw-icom-d-cable-with-pcb-5 bmw-icom-d-cable-with-pcb-6 bmw-icom-d-cable-with-pcb-2




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