Turn off seatbelt chime by Mini VCI

There are many situations where the seat belt alarm can become annoying. Lots of dealer shops will try to remove the chip from under the seat causing the airbag to turn off as well since it is not sensing anyone in the seat. This is technically a solution but also causes another issue: annoying seatbelt alarm. It is unsafe to drive on the road without a seatbelt.

Enter “How to turn off seatbelt chime” you may find thousands of ways in wiki How, forums, blogs etc. I hate the awful seat belt chime, but I get the problem settled down neither by technical job nor being charged $60 at the dealer shop, but by a Mangoose mini vci cable.

Playing around the mini vci cable for a couple of days, works good on reading and clear error code, displaying live data, adjusting O2 sensor etc. I newly found it can also turn off the seatbelt chime without cutting a wire!!!

Step 1: Insert the CD software on laptop. Default Windows XP operating system or find some tutorial on Win 7 operation on forums.

Step 2: Run TIS stream software. Come to the main menu.

Step 3: Find out and open system setting. Then select Customize Parameter and some parameter are displayed on the interface, the second choice is “Down Side Seatbelt Warning Buzzer”, click and keep it on “OFF” position.
TIS stream software
Then the annoying seatbelt chime has been turned off.

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