VAG Key Login VAG Pin Reader program VW Jetta 2000 key (Tested OK)

VAG Key Login tool has two major functions: read pin code and program key for VAG group cars. And this blog will show you how VAG Key Login program VW Jetta 2000 key. The operation is so easy!


First, plug the device VAG Key Login VAG Pin Reader into car’s OBD2 port. Turn ignition on and the immobilizer indicator blink.


Now press the triangle icon button to drop the menu down. Choose “Key Learning” then press the square icon button to confirm.


Then wait for one minute and it will show you “Learning Success”. The immobilizer light is off.


To test whether VAG Key Login tool really works for Jetta 2000, turn off the ignition and turn it on again. You will see there is no more indicator flash and the key is working!


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