Vectra C 3 Button PCF7946 precode

Post a picture of correct precode for PCF7946 Vectra C 3 button.
vectrac (1)
hitag 2.3.1 programmer for vectra c

[Quote] hitag for vectra c [/Quote]
This is ok, but read-ed as pcf7936,for proper remote must select pcf7946 and from picture user page 2 & 3 rewrite on RCF & sync page on 7946.


Question and Answer on Vectra C 3 Button PCF7946 precode
Q: After writing remote data is no more visible.Is that normal?
A: it isnt normal…must see sync & rcf page,only if you set cfg byte on page3 different

Q: Just found out,if is because TMCF byte is 0E and not 06.If it is 06 then pages are visible.
Can anyone confirm coolsoda precode works?
A: thats byte about i talking,first in page3,in pcf 7936 that 06 password mode,if 0e thats crypto mode,but on pcf 7946/7 you can see what exactly switch… work for sure if rcf & sync are as last 2 pages on coolsoda picture,tried many times…

Finally, confirming Coolsoda precode works. Coolsoda precode works with TMCF byte set as 0E, direct as Coolsoda

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