Vpecker Easydiag V8.4&V8.5 add PORSCHE Pro System V18.1

This article explains Vpecker Easydiag Wireless OBDII Full Diagnostic Tool V8.4&V8.5 newly added function PORSCHE Pro System.



After the publishing of Vpecker V8.4, some Vpecker customers feedback why didn’t improve the login windows.


They said when login, need to distinguish capital and small letter, so our team has worked quite hard for it, due to our customers good ideas. Now the problem has been software.


And Vpecker V8.5 Released! Not only improving the login windows, but also improving the Online Store.


vpecker-easydiag-wireless-obdii-full-diagnostic-tool-2 vpecker-easydiag-wireless-obdii-full-diagnostic-tool-3 vpecker-easydiag-wireless-obdii-full-diagnostic-tool-4

Since Vpecker V8.4 released, adding PORSCHE PRO in the ESS, then many our Vpecker customers ask me when to Update the PORSCHE System in the MSS.


Today, the update come true…Below I will share you the update details.


Porsche DSS->Porsche ESS–> Porsche Pro, system update from V13.0 to V18.1, Now we give you a more powerful device with new special functions.

V18.0 Porsche System covered up to 2016 models: Cayenne, 911(966), 911(997), Boxster(986), Boxster(987), Cayman, Carrera GT, GT2(996), GT3(996), 911(964/993), Macan, etc.



V18.1 Improve the communication layer



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