VVDI 2 and ND900 Generate Buick Special Chip ID46

Last week, worldobd2.com technicians succeeded in generating Buick special chip with the help of VVDI 2 and ND900 auto key programmer.

Note: you will be at risk to do this.

Tools needed:
VVDI 2 commander;
ND900 key programmer;
blank keys to be programmed;
Original key;

Video for reference:

Step 1 read original key with ND900
Insert the original key to ND900 copy machine
Use ND900 to get key information (Type, ID…)
VVDI 2 46 chip copy (1)

Step 2 write new key with VVDI II
Connect VVDI 2 mux to laptop.
Insert the new key to vvdi 2.
Open VVDI 2 Quick Start>>Transponder Programmer.
VVDI 2 46 chip copy (2)
Select Special transponder.
Select ID46 Chevrolet Circle Plus – PCF7936.
VVDI 2 46 chip copy (3)
Special transponder success.
VVDI 2 46 chip copy (4)

Step 3 Test
Insert the key to test if the key can work or not.
VVDI 2 46 chip copy (5)