VVDI MB BGA Tool on Mercedes W207, what did i do

Focused on this new MB key programmer- vvdi mb tool for a long time. Because of the high price (although CONDOR XC-MINI machine in hand), i consulted some friends and got much suggestion from forums… Decided to buy it for $1200 in the end.

got vvdi mb tool package yesterday. Cannot wait to have a try.

My package here, well packed. And no damage on every item. But it took a bit long time to come here, nearly 9 days.

Except the main unit VVDI-MB TOOL device, the package includes 3 NEC adapters (one base PCB) and 3 cables (usb, kline, obd).

Then just share some experience of this MB key tool.

I have installed vvdi mb software on Windows XP; it’s easy. But i updated to the 2.0.4 version from the link on web…no problem until now.

Two things i did for Mercedes W207. one is to read and renew EIS, the other is to do all key lost.

pretty easy to read and renew EIS!!!

vvdi-mb-tool (2)

Connect vvdi mb tool to PC.
Click Read EIS data.
Reading data success.
Tick on Allow user.
Enter Key Password.
Click Get button.
Searching erase password…
Find erase password success.
Go to Mode: IR.
Click Renew EIS.
Prompt at the bottom: Erasing EIS…Success.
Click Read EIS data.
No VIN. No Activated. No Used key.

vvdi-mb-tool (3)
And then to do all key lost… Compared with reading EIS, doing all key lost is a bit troubled for our freshmen. I did this with the help of wobd.com technicians.

Here are the steps from the technicians.
1 Read and save EIS data.
2 Prepare key file
3 Read and write key
4 Load and read EIS data

This is the EIS data i got.
vvdi-mb-tool (4)
But, i found a helpful instruction on web myself, anyone in need could google: VVDI MB BGA Tool Do All Key Lost Change EIS on Mercedes W207

That’s all about my vvdi-mb-tool experience. Hope this helps.