What’s your opinions on the Autel MaxiDAS 708 scanner?

Thousands of and millions of Autel sellers, and it’s hard to make sure to buy a genuine MaxiDAS DS708 online from some seller. So, which one is better to get? Any useful tip to get, please have a look at the following parts for reference.


(Tested successfully) MS708 from this site is verified working well.

This one VCM-II works:


I can verify it does seem to run faultless & already wifi enabled.

It’s done all I’ve asked off it, DTC reading and erasing, live data reading(the Text/ Graph / Graph Merge / Analog function can change the display type of the data), active test. Runs fine on my bmw x5 2015.


Opinions quoted from forums:

By yogitech
It’s a great scanner! Lots of capability, including bidirectional controls.
I would be careful with the “straight” from China ones, there not the same as the ones sourced domestically. The difference is you can’t do any updates thru wifi connection, all updates have to be made through a process of emails and Autel tech support. It’s a hassle…


By devoncoolman
Steer clear of the extremely cheap autels. The support for them sucks. And could possibly be a fake. The maxi das for $900 is ok. Especially for the price. The launch is better but still not as good as factory scan tools.


By shockwave
That autel is a great scan tool I like it a lot better than my solus ultra tested one out the other day for a Nissan for a air volume relearn


By Guns R Tools
I like it. Lots of capability.

It’s not perfect but pretty good. It won’t scan some air bag codes in small asian imports like Suzuki, Kia etc.
Some veh you only get manufacture codes, no generic codes. Hard to search Identifix with manufacture codes.
Sometimes the wording in it is weird, depends on veh manufacture though.
You can use included stylus or fingers to touch screen.
This one is with TPMS tool. I see 2008 car’s sensors start to fail. I was able to program new sensor to veh with this setup.

They come with 1 year free update.


By regguy1
I’m pretty much decided to get it, now my only dilemma is where to buy it.
One post above says ‘it might be fake’ I’m thinking that this isn’t an item easily faked like a handbag / shoes or a DVD. The (1035.00) direct China site lists all the same specs as anywhere else (Wi Fi updates etc) so I have to wonder is the direct from China buy simply less money because there are less middlemen?
I’m tending to think that but not 100% sure……?


By MLB0611
-Originally Posted by regguy1
NTX is where I bought my OTC Genysis \. does the MaxiDAS do the TMPS programming? or is this other tool just a promo add on


First, there are 2 models of MaxiDas one for the global market, that will not be supported by Autel US so no updates etc, the other is US market and will be supported by Autel US, it needs to have a Q in the serial number.

The TPMS tool is an add on, there are some activations of TPMS built into the scan tool, to add or change sensors, but you still need the tpms tool to activate the sensors at the wheels, I use mine for rotate relearns.

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