Winkpf + Xprog for BMW FRM FRM3 repair solution

Here are solutions of BMW FRM FRM3 repair issues, solved by xprog m programmer and ICOM A2 WinKPF.

How to fix lights issues on FRM E90:


I was able to get XPROG installed and working. It took only a short time for me to get comfortable with the program because of my experience as a computer engineer. I flashed only the EEPROM from the FRM E90 XE LED dump and left my program memory alone. It returned functionality of some very important items I did not have before such as blinkers, high beams (I live in a rural area), gauge cluster lights, and window operation (although the window switches control the wrong window). I also got my gauge cluster lights, courtesy lights, and puddle lights working again.

I cannot wait for my DCAN cable to arrive so I can code the FRM to the specific features of my car.



How to bring E87 FRM3 PL2 back to life:


  1. Make sure you erase your old FRM.
    2. When you erase, make sure to set the EEProm sector size to 4096 bytes
    3. This dump is tested and working – it should allow you to communicate to your bricked FRM
    4. Change the VIN, short code and long code, on your FRM using Tool32. Just remember the check digit on your long VIN code!
    5. You’ll get Rear Window regulator and LED taillight errors as you don’t have these options on your FRM. To fix this, you need to find the product number for your old FRM (it’s a combo of the hardware and I-Level of your FRM) and use WinKFP to flasg the FRM again to get the correct firmware on it.


the dump containing the EEProm and PFlash data:!90EnnKiI!R_s8iGZdqn7BIVCHYv4skzTpAWuL1Xm0GCcjPj6WtXQ
This should help you bringing your FRM back to life