X100+ by Xtool VS X100 Pro by OBDSTAR

X100+ key pro by Xtool is well-known among locksmith, recently another one similar key pro tool named X100 Pro made by OBDSTAR Company released. Although they have similar name, they are some different in features and function. Considering some locksmiths may get lost, therefore I make a comparison table as follows.


Original X-100+ by Xtool

Original X100 Pro by OBDSTAR

Picture  xtool-original-x-100  obdstar-x-100-pro-auto-key-programmer
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SK164, SK164-B, SK164-C

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English only

English/simplified Chinese/ traditional Chinese

Update online Update onlinewww.xtooltech.com 1 year free update Update onlinewww.obdstar.com 3 year free update
Function Key programming, Immobilizerprogramming,ECU programming, VINprogramming,reset ECM& reset immobilizer, remote controller programming,odometer correction via OBD, Immo Pin code reader, Key programming, Immobilizer programming, ECU programming, VIN programming, reset ECM& reset immobilizer, remote controller programming, Immo Pin code reader, odometer correction via OBD, EEPROMchip read
Toyota G chip





Can read EEPROM chip, but need additional EEPROM Adapter



Note: Original X100 Pro by OBDSTA are 3 types options.Configuration(C): IMMOBILISER+ OBD software
Configuration(D): Odometer adjustment+ OBD software
Configuration(C+D): IMMOBILISER+ OBD Software and Odometer Adjustment + OBD Software

Original X100 Pro by OBDSTAR compare with old X-100+ :
1. original from OBDSTAR, Support EEPROM Function, Need to Buy the EEPROM Adapter Alone
2. Free Update Online on Official Website for 3 Years
3. Inherited the overall look of the original X – 100 +, changed the new silicone button, feel more comfortable
4. Adjusted the TF card slot position in mold, fit more tightly than previous generation, card plug will not go inside the machine
5. Software downloading speed is improved by more than 50%
6. New upgraded software operating system, added operating interactive prompt
7. High-capacity 4G TF card, more stable performance, never appear white screen
8. New design of PCB hardware, greatly improved configuration

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