X100 PLUS, X200, X300 PLUS, which one to buy?

This is a comparison of original X-Tool products including X100 plus key programmer, X200 oil reset tool, X300 plus with special function, which helps you to learn the similarities and differences and decide to buy which one is you need really.

Product X100 PRO X200 Pro X300 Plus
Diagram  x100-key-programmerjpg  x200-oil-reset-tool  x300-key-programmer
Price US$229.00 US$169.00 US$349.00
Update Free update online for one year,with serial number and register password
-update tool from


Language English
Function 1.New keys programming2.Reads keys from immobilizer’s memory

3.New immobilizerprogramming

4.New ECU programming

5.New mechanical key number programming

6.Vehicle Identification Number programming

7.Reset ECM & reset immobilizer

8.Easy to operate

by the guided menu programming

9.New remote controller programming

10.With full and strong database

for the most important vehicle makes

11.Upgradeable via web-based download

1.Oil Reset/Engine oil light reset2.Tire pressure warning light reset

(manual operation)

3.Timing belt light reset

(manual operation)

4.OBD-II engine diagnosis

5.EPB Electronic Brake

changes brake pad

6.Throttle matching

(GM,Honda,Nissan, Acura)

1.OBD-II engine diagnosis2.Key Programming

3.Oil Reset/Engine oil light reset

4.Tire pressure warning light reset

(manual operation)

5.Timing belt light reset

(manual operation)

6.EPB Electronic Brake changes brake pad

7.Throttle matching

8.Support the latest vehicles with

CAN BUS and UDS protocol

9.With full and strong database

for the most important vehicle makes



cars before year 2008,and part cars after 2008 most focus on cars before 2006,and part 2012 cars
x100 plus, x200, x300 plus vehicle coverage


-for olny key programming,

buy x100 pro;

-for only oil resetting,

buy x200;

-for key programming&oli resetting

buy XTOOL X300  pro

(x300+ covers x100+and x200)

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