Xhorse Toyota TIS Techstream $33 working great

I was When this cheap Techstream cable arrived, It came with TIS software and drivers. It has a full version of TIS, no license required. I reprogrammed a couple of options – works great.

MINI VCI FOR TOYOTA TIS Techstream 2015.V10.00.028Single Cable $26.99, I bought from:

I exactly confirmed it could turn on my alarm and do settings such as auto door lock, seatbelt chime. I made some changes to the key reminder chime as a test.

FYI – this cable works with a real Windows PC and even a Mac running Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion. The Mongoose cable drivers would hang my Mac, but with this cable I don’t have to boot in to Windows. I just open Windows in a virtual environment and program away
On www.worldobd2.com site they also said it needs Windows XP. I am using this on Windows 7 in a virtual environment on a Mac, and also installed it on Windows 7 on a real PC, Dell laptop. So I don’t believe you need XP – your milage may vary.

To summarize:
You get a cable. You get unlocked (no subscription required) TechStream (latest version).
You can reprogram the Tundra (in fact any Lexus or Toyota). Turn off nannies – yes. Change TPMS – yes. Anything the dealership can do – you can do.
I am not selling these. I bought one and tested it, that is all.
I’ve been a member of this site for almost 2 years – this is not a scam, con, or joke.

You can download the TIS software from
The zip file is TIS-V10.00.028, please download it and extract it.

Installation Instructions for Mini VCI
Please make sure your windows system is 32bit (Windows xp or 7), the 64bit system may cause problems.

step1. install “TIS_Techstream_Setup.exe”

step2. After the installation, don’t run the software Techstream,

2.1 Install “MVCI Driver for TOYOTA.msi”
2.2 run the “TISKEY.exe” in CD to Active the software automatically, the Icon “VCXConnect” on desktop is no use, you can delete it.

step3. Run the “Techstream” on desktop,
3.1 Select the area as “Europe”,
3.2 Select the language you want,
3.3 The register information, you can write everything you want, fill all the blank, then OK.

step4. Interface Select
4.1 Click the [Setup] menu, then click the [VIM Select], then select the [Xhorse-MVCI] in the drop down list of “Interface Setup”, then Click [OK]

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