XTOOL EZ500 full-system diagnosis and special function surpass Xtool EZ400 EZ300 Xtool PAD

XTool EZ500

XTOOL EZ500 made by Xtool Company in Shenzhen is tested ok on both gasoline & diesel vehicles and provide full-system diagnosis and special functions, which surpass the older Xtool device such as Xtool EZ400, Xtool EZ300 and X100 PAD. Xtool EZ500 covers all the functions of Xtool EZ400, EZ300 and X100 PAD, therefore Xtool EZ500 is the best option for workshop.

Xtool EZ500 Nice Features:

Based on Android system, its open source Android operating system provides fast boot-up and multitasking.

Covers a wide range of vehicles from US, Asia and Europe.

Easy registration with EZ500 HD connected to WIFI

One-click software update via WIFI

Remote access

Diagnosis reports in PDF file

Record and playback live data

8.0 inch multi-touch screen

On-board battery


Following comparison table among X100 EZ500, EZ400, EZ300 and X100 PAD proves EZ500 meets all you needs.

EZ500 X100PAD EZ400 EZ300
Full-System Diagnosis Yes Yes Engine, ABS, SRS, AT
Key Programming Yes Yes
Oil Reset/Engine Oil Light Reset Yes Yes yes yes
EPB Electrical Parking Brake Adaptation Yes Yes yes
TPS Throttle Body Adaptation Yes Yes yes
Odometer Adjustment Yes Yes
EPS Electric Power Steering Calibration Yes Yes
Gear Learning Yes Yes
ABS Bleeding Yes Yes
ECU Reset Yes Yes
Tire Pressure Warning Light Reset Yes Yes
Battery Reset Yes Yes


X100 EZ500 works with both gasoline and diesel vehicles.

X100 EZ500 diagnostic tool for diesel Heavy duty most details including One-click software update via WIFI, Remote access, Diagnosis reports in PDF file, vehicle coverage, Full System Diagnosis, Basic Function, Special Function, specification and package:



xtool-ez500-hd-heavy-duty-diagnosis-1 xtool-ez500-hd-heavy-duty-diagnosis-4



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