zed bull key pro yes and no

There is no 100% perfect tool on market but zed bull is a good tool, this can be proven by the tests from many experienced locksmith, go on reading details as follows.
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Zed bull is a good tool and can do:
–    i made couple , cas 2 and cas3 never made problem… But maybe its a matter of time when he will screw something
–    I have zed full since september 2014 and works good,i made Fiat Grande punto and works good,2 cas 3 and job done Jetta mk6 works great,Peugeot 307 2008 and 2009 and works perfect even reads the pin new I10 hyunday 2015 proagram key and reads the pin ok.
–    i make many cars with zed full like fords fiat iveco psa i like psa its read pin fast
–    make ducato 2013 without problem
–    with remots cant add remote to tiguan 2011 with anything and zed full make it in fev seconds
-They do not make a 1 to 1 copy. They read the cs data from a working key.
And by having a working key, they can read the ezs data, and ecu, by obd.
The transponder 8E, is only good for starting the vehicle.
The remote keyfobs that come with a pcf transponder print can be learned the same way.
A SVDI can do this job, or even a datasmart3+ for less then 800 dollar.
Then, several locksmith expresses different viewpoints and begin to discus.
Q: to be more precise working key let access to read data from ezs, it is not possible to read any important data from megamos 8e.
A: The 7th byte from a working key. even from a 8E.

Q: not technically reading from the key, it goes through the 256 combinations of the 7th byte and uses the key to validate the correct one. And audi have 12byte in 8e transponder.
A: In case of a unknown 7 byte, and no working key. In that case it will run true all the 256 Combs. Specialy used with micronas 2006/6 up. But we are talking about audi ezs.
This is not neccesary when you have a working dealer key.
And there is also a keyless go, kessy, system on some of these models.
These are done with a programmer. Even with all keys lost.

Q: I mean you are not reading the cs from the key.. tools like tango pro that search for the 7th byte are actually running through the 256 combos and will use the transponder challenge/response to see if the byte is correct.

Zed bull cannot do…
-last 2 car a6 year 2007 and q7 when i use zedbull the car it s blocked only because i try to read ezs
danger tool zedbull for a6 and q7 don t use this tool dor a6-q7 damage the car

-it destroyed or block cas3

– I try to program keys for Ford Edge 2013 but failed(ck100 makes the job easy) new Mazda 6 Prox key failed.

-some cars cant make like bmw on cas2 have problem with 2014 ducato cant make it too

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